Children of Dune (Dune Chronicles, #3)

Well, what do you know – turns out the third book actually is a lot better than the second one!

So much more action – and not just “things are exploding” action, the previous entry just had a general lack of things happening. This almost feels like the exact opposite, and it is pretty much exactly what I had hoped for after book one. Bit of a slow start, but event here it already feels like the beginning of something larger. After the first third things really pick up, and I sometimes hardly could put the book down because it was exciting! Even more so than the first one ever was, to be perfectly honest.

I’ve read up a bit more on the meta-history of the books, and apparently Frank Herbert’s original plan was to stop after the second book. I get that, but I wouldn’t have enjoyed that package – too abstract for me. But that fact helps me understand better why part two felt like such an odd bridge in-between – it was never meant to be that bridge.

Having omni-potent and (almost) all-knowing characters that barely explain their reasoning and motives might be odd, but for some reason it still worked for me. I guess the book managed to capture the struggle that’s coming with those attributes well enough. It also put a lot of Paul’s original journey into a new light.

Hyped for the next part!