Before Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliver

It was no coincidence that I mentioned the Comedy Central website in my post about yt-dlp. This post is a link collection to videos on their website that are all blocked in Germany. That’s why I wanted to show an easy way of accessing them anyway.

In the summer of 2013, Jon Stewart took a leave of absence from hosting The Daily Show to film Rosewater. One of the correspondents on the show at the time, John Oliver, took over for him. This lead to him currently hosting Last Week Tonight, but it also gave us one of my all-time favorite bits/stories in The Daily Show history.

I’ve looked up all these clips a couple of times in the past to share with friends. The compilation videos of it on YouTube are too short and have too little context. Recently I needed it again but couldn’t find the list anymore in old chat logs, so this time I’ll properly document it here instead.

The tale of Carlos Danger

The fact that this scandal was about someone named Anthony Weiner is almost too good to be true. Here’s the timeline and all relevant clips:

  • 2013-07-24: Segment 1 introduces the story and the Danger dance. I love his adorable, slightly insecure little smile after doing it. Segment 2 continues the story.
  • 2013-07-29: Segment 1 has John dancing again, already more comfortable with it. The Wolf Blitzer face is just perfect. (Moment of Zen also relevant).
  • 2013-08-15: The final episode that John Oliver moderates, and he is now fully embracing the dance: Segment 1. (Moment of Zen also relevant).
  • 2013-09-03: Jon Stewart is back, and Segment 1 prominently acknowledges the dance! It’s a bit forced, but I love it nonetheless.
  • 2013-09-05: Al Madrigal gets in on the fun in Segment 1.
  • 2013-09-11: All good things must come to an end in Segment 1.
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