Fo(u)r Years a Narcissist

For Thomas. I’m sorry you are not in more of these pictures.

I’ll keep it short, as this fourth installment (previous years: start here) was a rather uneventful year of daily selfie taking. (Although you might notice that I’ve lost yet another 20 pounds between March and the summer.</nonhumblebrag>) I managed to take 361 pictures, missing only four days – just like last year. I’m now at a total of 1416 pictures (in 1461 days, 96.9%) between March 26th 2011 and March 26th 2015, resulting in a 90+ seconds 15fps video.

Warning! The actual video has rapidly fast picture changes, beware if you’re epileptic.

Here’s the direct link and a slower version with ten fps if you want to take a closer look.

Boring details

Sadly, none of the three new apps I tested last year actually fixed any of my complaints, despite some assurances otherwise. Close-Up still has no grid at all, Picr still has no adjustable grid, Dayli still has no means of comparing today’s and yesterday’s picture in a meaningful way.
However, long live the king: got an update just a mere two days before my annual post was due. I still can’t quite believe it. The update fixed pretty much everything I was missing: Photos are now taken in the full resolution of current-gen front cameras, multiple timelines are possible (via ridiculously cheap IAP), location of the image is saved. I’m not 100% sure yet if the exact coordinates are used/stored anywhere, as I didn’t see them in the EXIF tags of an exported picture. It looks like currently just a name of the location is stored alongside the photo, only within the app. Which would suck, as I can’t do anything with such inaccessible and imprecise data. But having the (still vastly) superior interface of Everyday and getting full resolution images seems good enough to me for now. Can’t wait to make use of the multiple timelines feature and think of clever uses for the new smart reminders.

Maybe the glorious new version can help me to get a success rate of more than 99% next year.

period 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15
pics / days 349 / 366* 345 / 365 361 / 365 361 / 365
rate 95,36% 94,52%** 98,90% 98,90%
* Year one was a leap year
** I lost 16 pictures in year two because iCloud backups suck