A.P. Bio

This show was cancelled after two seasons, however NBC apparently needed some more content for their new streaming service1 and ordered a third season for Peacock2. I couldn’t find anything about the current state of the show, which is a problem for me, because I try to keep a strict naming scheme over here. If a show is cancelled/ended and I watched it entirely, I don’t add a specific season to title and URL, as with Counterpart. But if a show is still running and I watch each season on its own, I do add the season, e.g. Westworld, S03. So what do I do here? I’ll omit the season, as I’m not really planning on watching more of the show anyway.

I started watching the show after S01 was over, being drawn in by Glenn Howerton of IASIP fame and Patton Oswalt. It’s “edgy comedy” and was okay, but not great. Similarly over the top as IASIP, but lacking a lot of the cleverness and ensemble chemistry. I often complain about HIMYM and The Simpsons really dropping the ball in later seasons by making their characters become caricatures of themselves, and A.P. Bio largely skipped the first part of that. So when hearing about the cancellation after S02 I decided to watch that and be done with it afterwards. The seasons and episodes are short enough to watch an entire season in one go during a lazy afternoon, so S03 didn’t really hurt – but I can’t recommend the show.


  1. Can you imagine how embarrassing it must be these days to be a corporate giant and not have your own streaming service? What do you even talk about with the other corporate giants? They probably all laugh about you behind your back! ↩︎

  2. Dumbest name ever. ↩︎

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